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Widgie the Emu

Widgie is a resident, captive Emu at Kanyana wildlife with whom I have had the privilege of working. If you would like to know more about him, click here.


He is a wonderful animal to engage with - so many moods and 'faces'. Because he is a captive bird, I am able to gather feathers, which I love to incorporate in my work. Lovely subject to work with - his only wee fetish being a tendency to bite cameras.


THANK YOU Widgee!!

These magnificent birds are slowly been squeezed out of their habitat and are living with the looming threat of extinction. They are amongst my most inspiring subjects. 

A mix of works, mostly of creatures that we are lucky enough to have passing thoruugh our garden.

These photographs were mostly taken in our garden.  Joe is keen on photography and puts it to good use to provide me with these lovely items of inspiration.

This colouring book was created to raise funds for Kanyana WildLife.

I created the drawings for  the colouring pages and compiled the book with collaboration from Barbara Wright at Kanyana.

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